Important Updates on the Tartarus Dungeon!

  1. Guaranteed Allocation for $TART LP providers and $TART stakers — details coming soon before our TGE!!
  2. IDO Gleam Competition. Very limited spots! Complete details given below.

Penguin Karts IDO Details

IDO Date: Tuesday, 22nd March 2022 | 5 PM UTC
Price per token: $0.04
Vesting Schedule: 10% at TGE; 1 month cliff, then 5 months linear vesting

Penguin Karts IDO Whitelist is now OPEN

Steps to participate -

  1. Follow @TartarusFinance on Twitter —
  2. Follow @penguinkarts on Twitter —
  3. Retweet our pinned tweet and tag 3 of your friends —
  4. Join Tartarus Telegram Group —
  5. Follow Tartarus Telegram Announcement channel —
  6. Join Penguin Karts Telegram Announcement channel —
  7. Join Penguin Karts Discord Server —
  8. ⭐ $TART on CoinMarketCap—
  9. Follow Tartarus Finance Medium
  10. Enter your EVM compatible wallet address (Please do not use centralised exchange addresses)

About Penguin Karts

As a first of its kind battle-racing Play-to-Earn game, Penguin Karts aims to reinvent the blockchain gaming experience for users of all ages looking to earn crypto. Players can start earning immediately, whether through skilled gameplay, wagers, contributions to the ecosystem or by collecting and trading their playable NFTs. The Penguin Kart developers have designed the game to be easy to pick up yet hard to master, with addictive and entertaining gameplay suited for players of all skill levels. The better you are, the more you can earn!

$PGK Token Details

Total supply: 200 million $PGK (ALL $PGK tokens are pre-minted and no extra PGK tokens will be created)
Initial Circulating Supply: 2,941,200 $PGK
Initial market cap: $117,657

About Tartarus

Tartarus is a next-gen decentralised IDO launchpad built on Fantom blockchain, for accelerating the growth of the Fantom ecosystem projects. By providing marketing, advisory and technical support to early-stage innovative projects, Tartarus helps projects with fundraising, by taking the project to their target audience.

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DeCentralized IDO Launchpad built for Fantom Ecosystem