Tartarus Tier System — for guaranteed IDO allocation!

3 min readMar 22, 2022

Secure your spot in the dungeon by reaching God tier levels.

We have introduced tier levels promising guaranteed allocation, APYs and more..!

Hello Titans,

We are introducing Tartarus Tier System for a fair and smart IDO allocation process ensuring guaranteed investment opportunity in the upcoming IDOs. Chronos, Ares, Hermes, Poseidon, Hades and Zeus- these 6 tiers are based on the Greek Gods, who will come alive to assure prime, transparent and fair allocation in the dungeon.
So select yours and get guided by our Gods, through the VIP gates and into our dungeon —

To further incentivise our community — we are also going to launch Tartarus LP Pool — to enjoy extreme high APR of 600% and also get guaranteed allocation with a 10x weightage in the pool.

Complete Tier information

Understanding the IDO allocation process

Let’s suppose there are given participants (check below table) in each tier, for a project carrying out IDO on Tartarus. For simplicity, let’s say the total raise is $200,000.

So how do we proceed to allocate tokens among tiers and users?

1. Total tier weight — (100*1) + (200*2)+ (100*5) + (20*10)+ (10*12) + (10*22) + (100*10) = 2540

2. Amount in each share — 200,000 / 2540 = $78.7401574803 = $78.74 (approx.)

3. Tokens allocated to each tier, which equals to:
Total Participants in tier X Weight of the tier X Each Share Amount

Chronos: 100 X 1 X $78.74 = $7,874

Ares: 200 X 2 X $78.74 = $31,496
Hermes: 100 X 5 X $78.74 = $39,370
Poseidon: 20 X 10 X $78.74 = $15,748

Hades: 10 X 15 X $78.74 = $11,811
Zeus: 10 X 22 X $78.74 = $17,322.8

For $TART LP Pool —
100 X 10 X $78.74 = $78,740

Allocation for each participant in LP Pool = (LP staked by user/Total LP staked) X $78,740 (total LP Pool allocation)

Each participant, in a tier, will be allocated amount =

Total allocated amount in the tier / participants in that tier

Eg: Each wallet participating In Hermes Tier will get an allocation of :

39,370/100 = $ 393.70

Important NOTE:

1. User to stake the tokens minimum for the days mentioned in the above table.

2. UI will display your achieved Tier based on the no of $TART staked.

3. User is part of the tier until he chooses to unstake voluntarily.

About Tartarus

Tartarus is a next-gen decentralised IDO launchpad built on Fantom blockchain, for accelerating the growth of the Fantom ecosystem projects. By providing marketing, advisory and technical support to early-stage innovative projects, Tartarus helps projects with fundraising, by taking the project to their target audience.

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