Tartarus X Tortle Ninja AMA Recap

10 min readApr 15, 2022

This past Wednesday, April 13th, we hosted an AMA with Tortle Ninja, a no-code DeFi framework on Fantom, in the Tartarus dungeon. The AMA provided insights and details about this soon to be launched project. In case you missed it, here’s a little recap of the Live AMA with the CEO of Tortle Ninja, Javi Blanco, hosted by Justin from Tartarus.Telegram link to AMA: https://t.me/tartarus_finance/33029

The AMA also had a reward of $200 for best 5 questions. Congratulations to all the AMA winners 🙌



Justin🕷️: Welcome @javibth

Javi | Tortle Ninja: hello 🙂 , thanks for inviting me

Justin🕷️: The group is now muted. Hi, Mr Javi. It’s a pleasure to have you here, how is your day?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: It’s also a pleasure to be here, Im fine, ready to tell everyone a litle bit more about Tortle Ninja

Justin🕷️: Nice to hear let’s start AMA now ?
Firstly; Javi, can you please introduce yourself and what have you been doing before Tortle Ninja?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Well, my background is related to software consultancy, I created Glue Digital, a software consultancy firm about 10 years ago, now it remains bootstrapped, employs about 25 people with an ARR of about 1,5M, and works basically for corporates: eBay, KFC, AXA, Securitas, Carrefour. Part of our developments have been always been related to security and cryptography, we are a provider of Securitas (biggest security company on Europe), and also have been making some privacy and cryptography related projects all around the world

Justin🕷️: Awesome.☺️
Please let us know about Tortle Ninja. How did you guys came across this idea?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Well, I started working and making experiments on the idea of composing smart contracts more than 1 year ago, after doing some trading bots I came on the idea that it will be possible to create a tool, and a visual language programming to make easy to anyone to compose strategies connecting to different DeFi protocols. I took some ideas from products already on the market, like Furucombo or Yearn Finance, but the approach we took and the final product goes beyond both projects

Justin🕷️: Thats sounds fabulous 😊 On Tortle Ninja Website we see that “With Tortle, anyone can create financial products and strategies”. So how does this works?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: The point on Tortle is that our recipes are financial products on their own, so if you want to create a crypto savings account, or a short of farming fund you can do it, share it with other and even (on future releases) take profit from your strategy

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Imagine you want to gain exposure to Bitcoin, farm it and earn rewards and liquidate all into an stablecoin if bitcoin goes beyond one level, with Tortle you can create it, in less than 3 minutes and with 0 coding skills

Justin🕷️:Next question — Can you please explain about “Tortle Combo Recipes”, are we cooking something here? :-)

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Of course, one premise on Tortle is making things easy and funny as possible, so we really avoided all financial terminology, we call our strategies recipes, cause they work as recipes in real, let me share with you all a little video tutorial on how it works: https://t.me/tartarus_finance/33056 [ Video ]

here on this video you can see our interface, on it a user just have to drag and drop ingredients, and connect it one after another

Justin🕷️: [In reply to Javi | Tortle Ninja] Nice one

Javi | Tortle Ninja: taking the best of farms, oracles, Dexs and staking opportunities, across all Fantom Ecosystem

Justin🕷️: Javi; we will like to know about the Utility of your token. Also, what’s the tokenomics for your project.

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Yes, basically the Tortle Token will be like the gas for the platform, everytime you create a recipe a 1,5% fee is applied, automatically buying that quantity of tokens on market and distributing it as staking rewards and internal fees. Here you can have a more detailed explanation https://docs.tortle.ninja/tortle-slice-and-recipe-tokens
Additionally, we are creating new products fuelled by the Tortle Token, the first of them its a Relief Fund in the case some protocol we connect with suffer a significant loss they cannot solve we will have a fund to basically refund all affected Tortle users, creating an additional layer of protection for our users

You can see a bit more here https://docs.tortle.ninja/tortle-relief-fund (notice is still a WIP feature)

Justin🕷️: thanks for sharing. Let move to our next question:)
We all know Fantom is a great chain but we all would like to know why you chose Fantom for “Tortle Ninja”?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: For 2 basic reasons: Fantom is by far the most reliable and fast L1 on the market, and the team at the core is always delivering a top notch job, Tortle makes a very intensive use of the platform, a normal recipe may consist on 20 to 50 internal transactions, so we need a blockchain that could scalate well. Take a look at this tx: https://testnet.ftmscan.com/tx/0xc711dd67ded2b22cd897460b5564f24bfd074d78a365b8527725f8ddf13f0c7b, here you can see 46 tx on one, basically swaps, on Fantom its done on less than 2 seconds and for a $0.68 fee
Trying to do that on Ethereum will basically kill the network. The second reason that the Fantom ecosystem is vibrant and extremely open to devs from the first moment we had the support of most the community of developers, which is just great. I will say that was a decisive point

Justin🕷️: Thanks for ur answer
Our community would also like to know the backers and partners, supporting “Tortle Ninja”

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Of course, since moment one we had some great VCs and advisors working closely with us, to name some StakelyVC, Solidity Ventures, Spark Digital , Blackedge Capital or Oddiyanna Ventures. We are also working on different partnerships that will be announced soon, like the one we have with Tartarus to launch our Token at the same time we are working with some non crypto funds, and financial companies, to allow non crypto users to use Tortle Ninja

Justin🕷️: Awesome. Last but not least, Could you tell our comunity more about Tortle Ninja Closed Beta competition? What are the benefits to the partcipants?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Yes, well, we have 50 spots for testers, beta test will take place initially on the Fantom Testnet and later on the Mainnet. Participants will be the first users that will be able to try our platform, that will be the real core of our community, and we will treat them in accordance. testers are extremely important for us, I will tell anyone who wants to be involved on the project to become a tester, its a great opportunity to jump into the project

btw, let me share with you the Gleam contest, there are still 2 days left https://gleam.io/xnWSz/tortle-ninja-closed-beta-test-competition-50-slots-available-

after these 50 we will gradually open the beta to more participants

Justin🕷️: [In reply to Javi | Tortle Ninja] Thanks for sharing, hope our community will join

Thanks for your patient explanation. Guess audiences learned a lot from the project. Personally, I am quite interested in your project and will check more after the AMA via links shared.

Javi | Tortle Ninja:

Thanks for giving me the opportunity 🙂

Justin🕷️:🤝 We will be starting the second section

Javi | Tortle Ninja:

perfect 🙂

Twitter Round

Justin🕷️: Can you explain us the benefits of bitcoin savings account to the depositors and to the investors of this project?


Javi | Tortle Ninja: Well, thats our first recipe, a very intuitive strategy you can do with Tortle, and the first one we created in real its just an example of what you can do with Tortle, but basically lets you buy BTC, or a Wrapped version, find the best Farming option on the ecosystem, farm it, autocompound your rewards, and in case BTC goes under and acceptable level, convert all (BTC, reward tokens…) into stables all done automatically

Justin🕷️:Good, Next question
Your recipes looks very interesting but can you explain me will there be an extension of these recipes to centralised wallet which are operated through exchanges?


Javi | Tortle Ninja: At this moment Tortle is a DeFi project, we don’t connect with CEXs and there is no plans to do it on the short time, but of course a CEXs can use our future SDK to give their users access to Tortle, but that part is not done still, and wont be on first version

Justin🕷️: Could you share with us some killer features of your Tortle Ninja Project token that set it apart from its competitors? What competitive advantages does your Tortle Ninja Project have that you feel most confident in?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Well, the potential of Tortle is about mixing features, just being able to farm, autocompound and refarm your funds if any token involved goes down is something that is not available on the market nowadays. So all the team believe we will be a game changer on DeFi, at least thats our intention 😄

Justin🕷️: Let move to the next question — A project’s real success is the stage where it gains Greater attention from Non crypto mass also✨ So what are the steps taken by #tortle_ninja to reach the non crypto users too and bring huge Volume?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Thats a great one, we are actually working on this. Its on an early phase, but i believe we will be able to announce a POC soon that will integrate Tortle into a relevant fintech savings app, from an european bank that will be the first experience trying to make non crypto users to get into Tortle Ninja.

Justin🕷️: Last question. Can you tell us how will you deal with inflation in your tokens? Do you have any plans to burn your tokens to reduce the supply and increase their investment attractiveness? https://twitter.com/muinlyreol/status/1513970189171404816

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Yes, we have two main ways to reduce inflation over time, first one is fees, everytime a Tortle recipe is executed some Tortles are automatically bought on the market and sent to the Tortle treasury, and also we are creating staking opportunities (with rewards based on these fees too), as the economy on the platform grows deflation will start. We tried the model to be sustainable too, Tortle is a long time project, so rewards will come from fees, not from internal subsidies

Justin🕷️: Thanks for all the answers. We will be moving to the next section — LIVE AMA Round

Javi | Tortle Ninja:

Great 😊


I’ll unmute the group now





AMA Round

Justin🕷️: Wow; So many questions @javibth

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Well, it will take years hahaha

Justin🕷️: [In reply to Javi | Tortle Ninja] Haha 😄

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Let me go into some of them


What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision that Your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? I would appreciate it if you could share with us @javibth

Javi | Tortle Ninja:

[In reply to BVLA]

Basically to make defi available to everyone, so all innovation on the ecosystem can be easily used

Qs. Jon Peters — Banco Santander: I am very interested in knowing more about the project /// Is the team anonymous?//Where is the team located? By your name, I could understand that it is a project founded by people from Europe

Javi | Tortle Ninja: [In reply to Jon Peters — Banco Santander]
Yes, the team is pretty public, you can check our linkedin profile, most of us are based on south europe

Qs. Elliott Tomlin: Security and anonymity are always prioritized by BlockChain projects in the development of project platforms and technologies. So, does you have any technological solutions or plans to enhance user trust in these issues?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: [In reply to Elliott Tomlin]
Well, my team has en extensive experience on internet security, we also want to reach a goal of 70% coverage on our tests, and on top of that Tortle will be audited soon by top notch firms

Qs. Jenniffer: How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have local communities like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea,.. so they can better understand your project?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: [In reply to Jenniffer]
Tortle will be available at launch on english, chinese and vietnamese, we plan to integrate local communities and more languages soon

Qs. Jon Peters — Banco Santander: The team is open to work with finantial institutions?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: [In reply to Jon Peters — Banco Santander]
Yes, we are exploring on that way too

Qs. Daria F: Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for weakness? In what way do you plan to make Your project more complete??

Javi | Tortle Ninja: [In reply to Daria F]
We will publish one soon, we will announce it ASAP

Qs. Gaurav ™✓ *Less active*:
Can you briefly describe your PARTNERSHIP so far and upcoming partnerships?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: [In reply to Gaurav ™✓ *Less active*]
Well, we are actively working on that, stay tuned, next weeks will announce some relevant news about that

Qs. Zeytin gözlüm: Do you have a AUDIT certificates?
Or, are you working to AUDIT Your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Javi | Tortle Ninja: [In reply to Zeytin gözlüm]
Soon we will announce that too

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Mmm, Id be all day with the community but I believe these were the more relevant

Justin🕷️: Thanks for your answer

Javi | Tortle Ninja: For more info please join our tg group https://t.me/tortleninjaTG And thanks for this time, had a great time with you guys 😊

John: [In reply to Javi | Tortle Ninja] Thanks @javibth for your time

Justin🕷️: The AMA was quite informative 🙌 Thanks for taking your time to answer all the questions 🙂

Javi | Tortle Ninja: Thank you guys 🙏🙏

John: Tartarus & Tortle will have more exciting news coming up for the community — stay tuned

Justin🕷️: Here comes the end of our AMA!

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